Job opening

Job Title: Counselor

Job ID#: CL0919

Employer: Blossoming Cherry Mental Health Counseling Services P.C.

Worksite: 213 Hempstead Avenue, Unit A, Lynbrook, NY 11563


Provide the professional service of clinical mental health intervention and treatment to clients with significant mental health diagnoses, including major depression, general anxiety, personality disorders, addictions, and other adjustment concerns. Require clinical training and expertise in various psychotherapeutic modalities and interventions to ensure clients in the community obtain a functional level of mental health such that they are not impaired from working, caring for children, or completing other daily responsibilities. Provide clinical supervision and oversight to supervisees, including clinicians qualifying for a limited permit to practice mental health counseling and master’s-level graduate students pursuing training in the field. Mentor and support the professional growth and development of supervisees as well as ensure professional and ethical treatment of all supervisee’s clients.


  • Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling or a related counseling field; 
  • 36 Months work experience as Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Specialist or related;
  • New York State License to practice Mental Health Counseling (LMHC).

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#: CL0919 to Jennifer Derri, 213 Hempstead Avenue, Unit A,  Lynbrook, NY 11563

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